Lake's Desert Skyline Apartments
Lake's Desert Skyline Apartments are located in Tombstone, AZ (the town too tough to die) at 255 N 9th St.  We are located just 3
blocks north of Allen St. (where the heart of Old Tombstone lies) in a very quiet area of town.  To see the location of our
apartments, click on the "Show Map" just below the navigation buttons.

We have 13 newly renovated apartments within our complex which include:

Apt. #1 & #6 are a 1-bedroom cottage, #6 includes electric (circa- 1935 & App...500/555 sq. ft.).
Apt. #2/5 (from right to left, consecutively) are efficiency apartments (circa- 1935 & App...330 sq. ft.).
Apt. #7 & #8 are a duplex with 2 bedrooms (circa- 1971 & App...600 sq. ft. ea.).
Apt. #9 is a 3 bedroom house (circa- 1971 & App...1140 sq. ft.).
Apt. #10/13 (from left to right, consecutively) are efficiency apartments (newer, 1997 & larger, App...400 sq.ft.).

Both the duplex & the 3 bedroom house have fenced-in yards.

All apartments have a stove & refrigerator & some furnishings.

We have 2 rental options:
Tenant signs a 1-year lease
, & deposits FIRST and LAST months rent & 1-month rent for security deposit.  
Should tenant break lease for any reason, deposit will be non-refunded.
Tenant pays the units' regular monthly rent & will deposit 1 months rent plus $100 for security deposit.  If all monies are paid in
full by move-in date the security deposit will be reduced by $100.

Rents will be prorated on a daily basis from move-in date through the end of the month.

Security deposits must be paid in full no later than 30 days after move-in date or tenant agrees to pay a $30 penalty fee which will
accumulate every 15 days thereafter until security deposit is paid in full.   

Any tenant
renting less than 6 months will be charged an additional $100 which may be deducted from the security

Prospective tenants are required to fully complete all application forms.  There is a $150 fee required before receiving the
applications which will be deducted from security deposit once applicant moves in.  Applications must be returned within 5 days of
receiving them, in same condition as received or $50 will be deducted from the fee.  Once the applications are returned,
a reference
& credit check will be done

We allow small to medium size pets but do make exceptions for larger pets upon request.  There is a one-time, non-refundable fee
of $100 per pet.

We also have a laundry room on the premises with 2 washers & 2 dryers.

We are members of the Equal Housing Opportunity Program & do business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law.  We
are glad to help any tenant receive government aid should the need arise.

Our apartments have been upgraded by Cochise County & are now
lead safe, suitable for families with children under 6 years of
age and/or pregnant women.

If you are interested in an apartments & would like the applications, please click on the "Contact Us" button to the left, send an
email & we will make arrangements for sending you the applications.  Should you have any questions, please call us at (520)

Scroll down the page to see our apartments, apt. #'s, rent for each & any vacancies we might have.

Tombstone is a wonderful place, whether you want to live here or just visit.  Some even say that it is haunted.  To learn more
about Tombstone, you can check out their site at: by clicking
Desert Skyline Apts.

Apt. #1
1 Bedroom
Plus utilities
Partially furnished

No Vacancy
Apts. #2-5 (Rt. to Lt.)
Utilities included
Partially Furnished

No Vacancy
Apt. #6
1 Bedroom
Electric included
Partially furnished

No Vacancy
Apts #7 & 8
2 Bedroom Duplex
Front & Rear
Plus utilities
Partially furnished

No Vacancy
Apt #9
3 Bedroom House
Front & Rear
Plus utilities
Partially furnished

No Vacancy
Apts #10-13 (Lt. to Rt.)
Utilities included
Partially Furnished

No Vacancy
Laundry Room & Storage Shed
2 Washing Machines
2 Dryers
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