About Us
After retiring from ECCF in Alden, NY in 1991, we traveled across country, ended up in
Arizona & fell in love with the area.  We decided after living through 50 years of
winters, almost 10 years later we both agreed it was time to head for a warmer & dryer
climate which brought us back to Arizona.  We bought a 40 acre ranch in the SE corner
of  AZ & settled in.  We really enjoyed walking around the acreage & finding many
unusual & interesting items with our dog, Teisha (german shepherd & coyote mix) who
passed away on Aug. 27,2015 after 14 wonderful years with her.  

After a year of retirement, we decided to purchase an apartment complex in
Tombstone, AZ (The town too tough to die!).  Throughout the year, Tombstone has
many different events which you can check out at CityofTombstone.com.  A link to
this website can be found by clicking the "Apartments" link to the left.  If you
are interested in living where the sun shines 300+ days a year, check out our
apartments by clicking on the link to the left for any vacancies we might have.

Our website is always under construction so check back often & see if there is
anything you might be interested in.

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us by clicking the link to the
left & have a really great day!

Dann & Joyce
Desert Outpost

Today's Thought:  Why can't the networks schedule sports programs in longer time
slots since they are always going beyond their allotted time?